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Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Restaurant Patio Enclosures for sidewalk cafes, bars, beer gardens, and events.

With increasing rates of rent, operating costs, and general expenses, restaurants in cold climates can’t afford to give up valuable seating space in the fall and winter months. Restaurant patio enclosures not only increase your available seating, but they also help keep the heat inside your restaurant as people come and go. Maintaining a consistent interior temperature is very important for restaurants who want their customers to frequent their business when it gets cold outside. 

We custom design and install patio enclosures of all shapes and sizes. We can build your enclosure in almost any type of color and material. Every restaurant will have different needs and requirements for their patio enclosure. Heaters can be installed inside your enclosure to keep your patio comfortable throughout the winter. 

We’ll come out and install your patio enclosure quickly without disturbing your daily business processes or your customers. When the cold season is over, your patio enclosure can be easily broken into pieces and stored until the next winter. You also have the option of keeping your enclosure up all year long. Our patio enclosures are extremely durable and there are a ton of different year-round options we can make too, including retractable pergola and canopy systems. We can also install fans in our patio enclosures for hotter times of the year too. 

Custom Restaurant Patio Enclosure Design 

No two patios are exactly the same. That is why we are proud to have expert patio enclosure design experts on our team. They create a unique patio enclosure that meets your aesthetic desires and functional needs. You can even see what your patio enclosure will look like before it is installed. Our design team will show you full-color architectural renderings of your restaurant with your patio enclosure. If you don’t like the way it looks, we go back to the design board before we install. 

Retractable Pergola Patio Enclosure Systems

Our seasonal sidewalk enclosures provide a great function at an extremely affordable cost. We also fabricate and install retractable pergola systems and canopy coverings that can make your outside eating area a beautiful and comfortable area for your patrons to further enjoy the wonderful food and services your establishment has to offer. These canopies can be fully enclosed and heated during winter to provide a safe and warm area for special parties, events, and extra dining. The possibilities are endless. 

New York City Signs and Awnings Patio Enclosures 

We are proud to serve our customers with the highest quality patio enclosures and winter vestibules. Take a closer look at our portfolio to get a good look at the high-quality work that we do. Please contact us today to more fully explore all of the ways a patio enclosure can benefit your restaurant. Let’s start designing your restaurant’s patio enclosure today!